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Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc.

Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc. develops home appliances and housing equipment tailored to cultures and lifestyles unique to different countries, using energy conservation technology and other cutting-edge technologies developed in Japan. We harness our worldwide network to market these products in more than 120 countries and regions and deliver products together with maintenance and other services that satisfy customers. We operate mainly in Asia and in the Middle East where our sales companies are based, while positively moving into new markets. Going forward, we will be offering high value-added services and solutions that will resolve customers’ lifestyle issues. With a focus on smart homes and participation in the rise in smart cities, chiefly in Southeast Asia, we will offer not only products but also new services in a bid to create new value within the overall Hitachi Group.


Branding campaign, primarily in Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe.

In China, we have launched an air purifier designed by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa.